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What should I expect after the session?

Post-processing takes 3-4 weeks. Once we’re finished, we’ll send you a link to your online gallery.  There you will be able to download full resolution files, web ready files, and purchase prints from our pro labs if you wish.  You’ll also receive your personal print release so you can take those files anywhere you’d like for prints.  If you have a special need for an enlargement or one of our one of a kind albums, just let us know!

What do I wear?

The best shoots happen in clothes you feel good in. This is the perfect opportunity to buy a couple of new outfits, and we very much want the photos to reflect your own personal style. We’re happy to give a quick evaluation in the days before your session on whether or not a particular clothing item will look good. Make sure your clothes fit you well. If it’s a brand new outfit please try it on before the shoot! Here are some tips on what you should avoid:

  • Bold patterns. Patterns work well for accessories like scarves, but on the whole they can be a bit distracting and a lot of times unflattering for the camera.
  • Neon colors, and especially the color “coral.” We know coral (aka SALMON) is all the rage these days, but it really doesn’t photograph well.
  • Clothing that has to remain pristine. Odds are you will be leaning against things and sitting some, so if you’re worried about getting something dirty it is a bit limiting.
  • Shoes you can’t walk in. Wearing a high heel can look awesome in full length portraits, but keep in mind we’re going to do a lot of walking! If you do select a heel for one of your looks make sure you have a pair of sandals you can easily slip into.

Where will we shoot?

All of our sessions for the most part will be outdoors or on location. We like to shoot in locations that offer a variety of potential backgrounds. We do not just shoot at the beach! If you’re wanting a beach location we have no problem accommodating that, but the bulk of our shoot will be in the neighborhood near the beach. We love to pick spots that reflect your personality. Shoots happen two hours before sunset.

Who can I bring?

We understand that your parents might be hesitant to send you off on your own to hang out with a photographer for a couple of hours. All of our sessions feature Josh as the photographer along with an assistant and take place in public spaces. While there is no cause for worry, we’re happy to accommodate one escort for the duration of the shoot. We can’t promise watching the action will be very exciting, but we’re happy to have them there. You may bring a friend, sibling, or parent. Whomever you bring should be prepared to carry any and all outfit changes if we are doing a walk around session. We also have a couple of rules .

  1. First and foremost whomever comes with must must must be a supportive person. Being the subject of a photo session is a hard thing to do, and we don’t want anyone present who is going to be critical of you or make you more nervous than you are.
  2. No photos of the process! I know it sounds a little weird to not allow photos of the photo shoot itself, but it can be distracting to what we have going on and we prefer you keep your phones put away for the entirety of the shoot.