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Olivia is an intelligent, thoughtful, and artistically-minded member of the Class of 2010 at Cleveland High School in Portland, and she wasn’t exactly accustomed to having her photo taken. It can sometimes feel feel pretty unusual at first, when you’re suddenly the focus of even a short photoshoot, but we got her feeling comfortable and her personality began to show through while we worked with her in-studio on a rainy day. Most of her favorite photos and mine came from the first set we shot–I was a definite fan of the luchadore-themed t-shirt!–and it rang truest with her personality.


Olivia looks out the window in her Portland senior portraits, shot in-studio.Olivia smiles for her senior pictures, shot in our Portland studio.A close-up of Olivia during her senior portrait session, shot in Portland, Oregon.

Continuum Seniors – Be Yourself. (High school senior portrait photographers in Portland, OR)

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I was watching the weather forecast like crazy, in the few days leading up to our session with Cassidy. She was interested in photos that showed a bit of color and a lot of cool, industrial character, so I knew an outdoor session was just the right fit. The weather that day was overcast, and a little colder than we’d have liked, but the rain stayed away long enough for us to get together and roam the Eastbank area in Southeast Portland, and even make it down to the Esplanade.

Cassidy’s a senior at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, so it wasn’t a big surprise to hear that she’s also interested in photography! I can’t help but feel a little extra-special when someone who loves photography chooses to work with me, and I’m really glad we could give her an excellent senior session.


Cassidy laughs in her Portland senior portraits.Cassidy sits in a nook near a SE Portland building.Cassidy leans on a bridge railing near the Portland waterfront during her senior portrait session.Cassidy poses casually on the rocks near Portland

Continuum Seniors – Be Yourself. (Creative Senior Portraits in Portland, OR)

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