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Fort Vancouver High School Senior Model | Nikki

We’re all about fun and modern Portland senior portraits, and our Class of 2012 Fort Vancouver High School Senior Model, Nikki, is definitely both those things! It’s not every day you meet a girl who tells you that she wants to go to circus school, and Nikki’s quirky charm is matched by her acrobatic energy. Nikki is an apprentice with Pendulum Aerial Arts and has a lot of passion for building her tumbling and acrobatic skills. She’s also involved with the medical magnet at Fort Vancouver High, and keeps close ties with the theater department there, too.

If you’re a class of 2012 student at a Portland- or Vancouver-area high school, make sure  you get one of Nikki’s rep cards, and get hooked up with Continuum Seniors for fresh, outdoor high school senior portraits. Or, if you want to book us right now, just contact Continuum Seniors to book your high school senior portrait session!

We’ve had an unusually cold and wet Spring in Portland, this year, but for Nikki’s shoot, we finally had some flowers in bloom! The popping colors and lush greens, along with subtly-pretty hair and makeup by Jessica Belknap, made for some very cool results.

Portland Senior Pictures Model Nikki poses with flowers and trees.Portland High School senior portrait model Nikki hangs from a tree branch.Portland High School senior pictures - Nikki in the trees.undefined

Once we found out that Nikki could juggle, we immediately wracked our brains to think of what we might have around the studio that she could toss. Fortunately, she came prepared.
Portland Class of 2012 High School senior portraits - Nikki juggles!Fort Vancouver High School senior portraits - Nikki with wind in her hairFort Vancouver High School senior picture model Nikki wears DeLuxe DeLovely earrings.

Nikki can also do some pretty amazing tricks! She makes climbing and balancing look ridiculously easy.Portland high school senior photo model Nikki does acrobatic tricks.Portland high school senior photo model Nikki does a handstandundefinedFort Vancouver high school senior pictures - Nikki peers through tall grass.Fort Vancouver high school senior portraits - Nikki perched near a graffiti wall.Portland high school senior portrait model Nikki, close-up.

Strong and flexible? Check.Portland high school senior portrait model Nikki does a splits handstand!


What’s next on the blog? More cool Portland high school senior pictures, including more of our senior models! Keep checking back here, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and see even more awesome senior photos.


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  • Harrison Jensen - July 21, 2011 - 12:16 am

    ….holy scrud….. Nikki you look stinking amazing

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