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We enjoyed shooting modern senior portraits with Beaverton Arts & Communications Magnet Academy student, Morgan, and we took her to a cool location in Northwest Portland. We gave you a peek into Morgan’s wistful and creative personality in Part 1 of her Portland senior photo session, and we had the pleasure of capturing bright and colorful senior pictures with her. It was an overcast and iffy-looking day, but we were lucky enough to not only avoid the rain, but even catch a few gorgeous rays of sun during the session. Morgan might enjoy running around in the rain, but our camera gear? Not so much. 😉

If you’re a class of 2012 student at a Beaverton Area high school, grab one of Morgan’s rep cards and get hip to the fun and playful senior portraits we do at Continuum Seniors.  Or, if you want to book us right now, just contact Continuum Seniors to get your own awesome high school senior portraits!

Morgan’s elegant multi-layered dress and subtly-patterned tights made for a stylish contrast with the weathered buildings and posts in the outer reaches of Northwest Portland. We also paired it up with an equally-elegant Mini-Bib Necklace from Fresh Tangerine. Love goes out to Kimberlee for sharing her handmade jewels with us!



Morgan enjoys being outdoors, so having her roll around in the grass and play with dandelions was a definite Must!undefinedundefined

We love bright colors, so these cargo containers in orange and yellow were an awesome find! Her popping red blouse was the perfect fit for the scene.


I have an overwhelming fondness for boots, and her brown ankle boots were incredibly cute.undefined


We have the rest of our Continuum Senior Models coming at you soon, and truly excellent photos with some of our other seniors, too! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our blog, and you’ll see more stylish Class of 2012 senior photos delivered right to your glowing square.


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Morgan, one of our Class of 2012 Senior Portrait Models, goes to Beaverton’s Arts & Communications Magnet Academy, in the Portland Metro area. Morgan has an artist’s flair about her, and she loves theatre and performing. She’s also been known to spend her evenings writing letters, reading, and even stargazing when the weather cooperates. She’s even modeled for a few of her friends who dabble in photography, so we knew she’d have fun representing Continuum Seniors!

The makeup and hair experience was particularly fun this time around, because Morgan had recently cut her hair, so we had stylist Jenna Schneider work her magic, and Morgan loved the final results.

Portland High School Senior Portrait Model Morgan gets her hair styled.

I’ll also give you a sneak peek into Morgan’s senior photo session, with a unique tidbit: on top of her other hobbies, she also plays the ukelele! She brought it with her as a prop, along with an awesome sundress, so during our shoot in Northwest Portland, we couldn’t resist having her take it out play us a tune.Portland High School Senior Pictures - Morgan plays her ukelele.

Stick with us for Part Two of this blog, where we’ll be showing you our favorite shots from Morgan’s photo session. If you want to know once they go live, become our fan on Facebook and follow our Twitter!


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Our contemporary senior portraits with Rex Putnam High School student, Jihan, took us to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Portland, and some new spots, too. You got to know a little about Jihan in Part 1 of her Portland senior portrait session, and we’re jazzed to share some of the fashionably fantastic photos from her senior model photo session!

We had a great time working with Jihan, and she loved all of her photos! If you’re a Rex Putnam student, be on the lookout for her and make sure snag one of her rep cards. Do you go to another Portland Metro Area high school? Never fear! You can learn more about the Continuum Seniors experience right away, and contact us to get your own stylish senior picture session.

I was a huge fan of the red boots Jihan brought to her shoot, so we just had to use them as part of her first outfit! The pop of color was a great match for the streets of Southeast Portland.

Portland Senior Pictures Model Jihan sits on a graffiti wall.

Rex Putnam High School Senior Portraits - Jihan in Industrial SE PortlandRex Putnam High School Senior Pictures of Jihan in the sun.Portland Senior Portraits Model Jihan under the Hawthorne Bridge.

Jihan loved these locally handmade earrings from DeLuxe DeLovely. Thanks to the equally lovely Genna for sharing them with us!

Rex Putnam Senior Pictures Model Jihan wears DeLuxe DeLovely earrings.

Rex Putnam 2012 Senior Pictures Model Jihan in SE Portland.

We definitely have a thing for doorways and fences.

Portland Senior Pictures Model Jihan near doorways and fences.Rex Putnam 2012 Senior Portrait Model Jihan near the train tracks.

We had some laughs at a new spot near the SE Portland Waterfront, where we found an old Stop sign. Jihan just had to show us her best crossing guard hand signals.

Portland High School Senior Portraits of Jihan being silly with a Stop sign.

We made a quick change of hairstyle for her third outfit, and also outfitted her with earrings from another local jewelrymaker, betsy & iya.
2012 Senior Portrait Rep Jihan leans on a post.Rex Putnam 2012 Senior Portrait Rep Jihan wearing betsy & iya jewelry.

Next up on our blog, you’ll meet another one of our Class of 2012 Senior Models, Morgan! Keep checking back here, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and get a peek at even more cool photo sessions with Portland Class of 2012!


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